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Latest Updates Friday Oct 3, 2008 1:06 pm EST
The rosters have been updated as of this latest update. We would like to welcome Hailey Hart, Austin Clay, and Justin Kade to the nWn. More updates still to come. The Hysteria Card will go up this afternoon.

Contest Winner Week 1
Congradulations goes out to Steve Corino for winning the prize money this week as nWn's Best Roleplayer. But have no fear. There are 11 more weeks to win some cash for youself, including a 50 dollar prize given away exclusively Christmas Day!

nWn SuperCard World Title News

On the debut edition of nWn Breakdown, nWn Owner Steve Harrell has announced that the World Title Scramble will begin. 12 men from both brands will battle in one on one matches. The winners of these 6 matches will meet in two 3 Way Matches on the debut edition of Hysteria. But thats not all. In honor of Halloween Havoc, Mr Harrell has announced that all these matches will be subject to "Spin The Wheel, Make The Deal" rules, where 18 specific matches could happen with the spinning of the wheel. The winners of the two 3 way Semifinal Matches on Hysteria will then meet next week on Breakdown for the World Heavyweight Title in another Spin The Wheel Match. What circumstances await the superstars from both brands and who will emerge as the 1st ever World Champion?

Play nWn, Git Cash!

nWn Owner Steve Harrell has announced that he will show his appreciation for all nWn members by initiating a special contest right here at the nWn Website. From now until Christmas, the nWn Owner will be giving away his own cash to the best roleplayer every week. The best roleplayer every week will be awarded 15 prize money. The contest is open til Christmas and there is no forms to fill out to join. Just be the best rper of the week to claim your Christmas Cash. Have fun!

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Overheard Backstage- Bret Hart and Sun Dubbie? In the same promotion? How in the hell is that gonna work? These 2 guys hate each other! That's like mixing Loraina Bobbit with Ron Howard! This should be interesting!

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